Thursday, January 21, 2010

wtf heidi montag?!

Recently, Heidi Montag underwent 10 cosmetic procedures in ONE DAY. WTF?

From my perspective, she obviously has insecurities about her appearance. She got bigger breasts, her backside "enhanced", ears pinned back, nose reconstruction, etc etc etc.

From average "plain jane" mountain girl to wannabe cat-woman porno star lookalike, Heidi has really outdone herself this time. I think she looked pretty decent in the latest season of the hills. But it's up to her, however I think the majority of North America would agree that she looked fine the way she was before.

Wow, why do people feel this kind of pressure to look a certain way? It's astounding to me.

Here's Bonnie Hunt's discussion of Montag's surgeries.


I have a couple of theories as to why she did this:

1. Insecurities because of SPENCER.

I think she feels the need to be the ultimate pin-up girl in order to keep Spencer Pratt's interest... Not to put blame on him, but men in general tend to lack understanding when it comes how a woman perceives her own image.
If Heidi suggested getting this shit done, the FIRST words for Spencer to spit SHOULD have been "no honey/baby/ whatever the hell he calls her.. you look BEAUTIFUL the way you are and I love your *insert something he likes about her body*"

2. Over-concern for what the public think of her appearance.

OKAY, sure not everyone in the world is going to think she's pretty. But WHO CARES? She's rich, has a tv show, a "singing career" in the works, and is famous. Did I mention RICH?!

The idea of celebrity is clearly clogging up some major blood vestles in her brain...

In conclusion, Heidi's surgeries were extremely unnecessary. Her face is now very odd to look at. I'll get used to it, but for now...

imma let her GO ON wit her bad self.

Just think though...

That money could have been put towards Haiti or something MUCH more useful.

I just made myself angry thinking about that...

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