Monday, February 1, 2010

Britney Spears Live Performances *videos*

Oh Britney. How I miss the old her.

Britney's Signature Slave 4 U Performance with the Snake

Britney was Legendary... :(

Britney Spears and MICHAEL JACKSON. DAMN SHE SUCKS HERE. but michael is the king!

2010 Grammy Awards Performances

SO it's that time of the year again. The Grammy Awards have been pretty boring in the past but luckily these performances gave a bit of a much needed spark to the night - especially Pink and Lady Gaga's.

Here's Beyonce

Lady Gaga


She obviously went to Hogwards and stepped her magic skill up because THAT was unreal.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

japanese fashion

I love japanese fashion. Their outfits and style are so unique...
These are pics taken from Ray Magazine (japanese fashion magazine). I purchased this magazine from a mall in Toronto, usually you have to have it shipped off a site.

Enjoy! *click on each photo to enlarge*

*Jersey Shore* Mike's Deleted Myspace Photos

The other day I stumbled upon these photos of
'The Situation' aka Mike before Jersey Shore.

This is Mike's high school year-book picture. *barf*

As for the rest, I'm not sure when they were taken but are hilarious/nice nonetheless.

How cute

He aiiiight

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Toronto Club Scene and Fashion

Toronto's club scene is poppin at all times of the year.

It's all about making memories, having a good time, networking and letting loose.

Recently, I went clubbing and got all inspired so imma show you the attire.

danny fernandez lol

some colour!

i just liked her top sorta..

wow SIDE-SHOW BOB whaaaat's really GOOD?

go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rawr I love the teased hair look :)

lacy tops are always hot

white top, YES.

white is a great shade to wear..

a bit slutty but i'm pretty sure they work there so it's all good

exotic look

pink haired chick = serious swag

The red bow scarf is cute.
A pop of colour definitely adds to an all-black outfit. I like the lace top too.

gymnastics in clubs is cool these days isn't it.
haha check the guy's face in the background!

true kodak moment.

White jeans are hot. I'm a fan of all black.
Black makes anyone look chic.

Guys take notes!
I have no other words for this dude except... pimpin ain't easy

She stands out because the dress is super cute and unconventional -
it's not something most people would think to wear.

Clean white top with a black belt. YES.
Chick on the left rockin a leather jacket and sequin top + jeans. YEP.

She's showing skin but it's simple.
She pulled off that nerd look well, don't you think?

Fully covered, classy, simple make-up & hair.
The girl looks fresh.

view more toronto clubzone pics here

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stars Without Make-Up

It's not so bad!

At least they're human and not transgendered, or muppets... or both
- even though there's nothing wrong with being yourself hehe if that's you then I'm not hatin.

Go J-Lo it's your birthday..

Adriana Lima looks pretty either way.

Beyonce looks pretty plain without her make-up

Eww Eva Longoria has a moustache

This girl is so f*cking annoying. She doesn't need a name.