Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stars Without Make-Up

It's not so bad!

At least they're human and not transgendered, or muppets... or both
- even though there's nothing wrong with being yourself hehe if that's you then I'm not hatin.

Go J-Lo it's your birthday..

Adriana Lima looks pretty either way.

Beyonce looks pretty plain without her make-up

Eww Eva Longoria has a moustache

This girl is so f*cking annoying. She doesn't need a name.


  1. Girl, i dont understand ur point? U trying to make women appreciate themselves witout make up or u trynna say U NEED MAKEUP, i mean how bout u puttin some of ur pics witout make up on here and show some REALITY

  2. You look like a got damn MAN ! Trying to sit here and be critical about how celebrities look with out make up ! All the pics you have on your sight of you, your always wearing make up so cut the crap you fugly bitch. LOLOLOL ! I have to admit though these celebrities do look pretty horrible with out make up but you probably look worst. Your probably insecure about yourself so you want to come at the celebrities ! Get a Life ! HATERRRRRR ! LOLOLOL

  3. :} well im enjoying these pictures & giving them make overss! look at rihannahs!

  4. Well some of these girls are squinting and not as bright eyed as they were with makeup. I know makeup makes you seem flawless but even beyonce, when you don't wear makeup your not trying... (at least for celebrities )they weren't trying to make pretty faces they were relaxing. I saw many pics of beyonce w/o makeup smd shes not plain. Shes just squinty... they are still are pretty cute, they just need less flash.