Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jersey Shore is over!

So what did you guys think of the entire season?

I watched the last episode and after-show recently... and I just have to say.


It was like him kissing his sister? Oh god that's too funny.

Throughout all of the episodes, I noticed that Sammie only cared about herself and her relationship with Ronnie.

Snookie did the stupidest shit for attention such as sucking on pickles (wtf), running her mouth off on numerous occassions like the most publicized event: gym teacher falcon punches her in the jaw... what else. "Dancing" in the clubs and doing backflips with her thong out! WHO DOES THAT?

Mike, though he only cared about getting girls after girls, I respect that he was smart in who he chose his battles with. Mike isn't a "hot-head" the way that Ronnie was on the show. Mike was real and there's no doubt that if Pauly D were ever in trouble, he would be there for him like an actual friend.

Pauly D had a great character. He was always neutral, everybody liked him. He didn't do stupid shit and he got girls, but never bragged about it. LMAO with that jewish stalker chick. The ugly blonde "grenade" chick. I literally DIED laughing.

Vinnie and Mike's feud was hilarious too.

I personally like Mike, Pauly, and Snookie the most. The other three I could care less about. Ronnie was like the dumb juice head of the show, Vinnie was pretty plain, and Sammie never had anything positive to really say about the others in the house - except for Ronnie of course.

Anyway, it was a great show. Watch it on

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