Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Toronto Club Scene and Fashion

Toronto's club scene is poppin at all times of the year.

It's all about making memories, having a good time, networking and letting loose.

Recently, I went clubbing and got all inspired so imma show you the attire.

danny fernandez lol

some colour!

i just liked her top sorta..

wow SIDE-SHOW BOB whaaaat's really GOOD?

go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rawr I love the teased hair look :)

lacy tops are always hot

white top, YES.

white is a great shade to wear..

a bit slutty but i'm pretty sure they work there so it's all good

exotic look

pink haired chick = serious swag

The red bow scarf is cute.
A pop of colour definitely adds to an all-black outfit. I like the lace top too.

gymnastics in clubs is cool these days isn't it.
haha check the guy's face in the background!

true kodak moment.

White jeans are hot. I'm a fan of all black.
Black makes anyone look chic.

Guys take notes!
I have no other words for this dude except... pimpin ain't easy

She stands out because the dress is super cute and unconventional -
it's not something most people would think to wear.

Clean white top with a black belt. YES.
Chick on the left rockin a leather jacket and sequin top + jeans. YEP.

She's showing skin but it's simple.
She pulled off that nerd look well, don't you think?

Fully covered, classy, simple make-up & hair.
The girl looks fresh.

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