Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jersey Shore: Episode 5

I love this show and all it's guido/guidette filled adventures.

I noticed in episode 5, when Snooki gets punched Ronnie and Vinnie are fuming while Pauly and Mike hardly seem to care. Perhaps it's because of their maturity level.

Firstly, Mike and Pauly are the oldest in the house and are therefore, most likely more in control of their emotions. However, if you've been following this show you'd remember back when a guy pushed Vinnie at a club and Pauly went in and punched that kid in the face...

My point is why would he lash out to defend Vinnie, but not really give a shit when it comes to Snooki, A GIRL getting hit?!

Don't EVEN get me started about MIKE. That guy is so creepy. Sure, I can appreciate his "confidence" and sense of humour, but what the f*ck are you thinking tryna pick up a chick at a time like that! To me that is pretty disturbing.

It's not like any of them are REAL friends anyway :D lmao

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1 comment:

  1. Yes,I saw that scene and it was terrible.
    I can't understand why he punched her,because really it was he who was doing wrong stealing their drink,and above all things, he was a big guy while Snooki is a very tiny girl.
    I can't stand men when they use violence against women: it's something unacceptable.
    I hope he is serving a just punishment.

    P.S. Have you seen all the show?Did you like it?