Monday, January 4, 2010


A brand can symbolize many things. An image, a lifestyle, a fantasy.

A brand can stand for.. Quality. Luxury. Power. Elegance. Sophistication.

From the surface, a brand seems like such a superficial way to measure self-worth. But look at it from another perspective...

Louis Vuitton was established in the 1800's by an extremely skilled craftsman and designer. It was shortly after that his son created the monogram symbol LV that is so widely recognized around the world. This gave the brand international appeal. Since then, generations of the Vuitton family continue to design custom pieces and keep the status of Louis Vuitton alive.


No one will ever be able to convince me that the money is not worth luxury items. You cannot put a price on impeccable, everlasting quality combined with a timeless appeal.

A luxury item is more than just the item itself. It represents a part of the individual.

Same idea applies to individuals who have a love for designer apparel, luxury cars, jewelery etc. These individuals who can afford such items have obviously achieved something in life and deserve to have what they choose.

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