Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jersey Shore talk: Cast Interview

Here's Nicole aka Snooki on Entertainment Tonight talking about the punch in the face incident.

Mike is pretending to care. JWow talks about her nails... But Pauly says something respectable. He is so right. A guy SHOULD NEVER hit a girl over something as stupid as drinks.

They bring up some very good points in the interview - we only see a small portion of their daily lives during the show. They are away from home partying during their summer vacation. This obviously isn't their real lives.

The show does not "bash" Italians. The cast members also do not insult or disrespect their families. They love their culture. It's an amazing show basically focusing on young adulthood and what it's like to live carefree and enjoy life while they can.

People hate on what they can't be or what they can't have. The bottom line is haters are jealous that they can't live the same life-style. Others may be against the cast members ravishing in being promiscuous, but the reality is a lot of people all over North America live this way.

Most young adults go out to parties, beaches, and clubs during the summer and hook up with people. I would like to HOPE that every young adult takes good care of themselves and pays some attention to their physical appearance...

So what's wrong with the show? That it depicts real life? Come on now.

Everyone loves Jersey Shore. <333

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