Monday, January 4, 2010

Icon + Inspiration

Audrey Hepburn really inspires me.

She is the definition of class and what it is to truly be a lady.

Back in the 1950's women were praised for having manners and poise. They were elegant and fashionable. That's not to say that women of our modern aren't these things, but look at what has become of our society..

Women in music videos who display little to no respect for themselves. Ad campaigns are distasteful, revealing and simply awful to look at. Is it an evolution of humanity? Is it good or bad?

It's very hard for me to judge. It's not my place to say that women in comparison to the "olden days" now look like trashy whores. Because this does not apply to all women. Of course not.

All I know is that this year, I'm inspired to take a different direction towards how I behave. I want to retain manners and poise that previous eras had before.

I wish all women could change...

Pay attention to this final scene. It's very interesting and gives a lot to think about.

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