Monday, December 28, 2009

women in hip-hop

Being a woman in a male-dominated hip-hop industry must be stressful at times. Struggling for respect and a sense of understanding from people who can be discriminatory, degrading and just downright nasty to the opposite sex.

Men pride themselves in basically exploiting women for simply their bodies or sex appeal without paying attention to who they are. There is, no doubt, a massive double standard. However, there are two sides: women are enabled with the ability to manipulate men because of their appearance while at the same time, they can also be put-down or humiliated for it.

It all depends on how you carry yourself and how YOU think of yourself. In the end, nobody can tell you how to live your OWN life. Your the only one who dictates that. So live it up, have respect for yourself... And do what makes you happy without compromising who YOU are.

p.s. watching this trina interview changed my mind about her a bit

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